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  1. Richard A. Greenwood

    Hi Karen,
    Last Saturday when I went to the cabaret at Hahndorf, the person at the door told me that the only free seats available were on the left side of the room near the side entrance so I obediently went and sat there. Of course there were no single ladies on that side of the room, only couples.
    I noticed that Nadia was sitting by herself at the other side of the room so for the first few dances I walked across the room and danced with her one or two brackets. I noticed that there were empty seats at both sides of her but only later on, when I was coming home, I thought perhaps I should have moved there no matter what the person in the door told me.
    Later in the evening you had the ladies choice and I was sitting there like an idiot and since I was at the isolated side of the room, where all people were in couples, nobody came to ask me to dance, so I missed that bracket.
    Then Rob that was dressed like a woman and Steve who were sitting on the right side of the room kept asking her to dance before I could cross the room, so I opted for asking the new ladies at the right corner but most of them were beginners so I was able to dance some basic dances and the I had to sit down again in my isolated side of the room.
    At about 9 pm I had enough of sitting by myself so I left.
    I don’t understand why you have this rule that single men have to sit by themselves in the far side of the room; that rule has bothered me before but this time it really annoyed me.
    As I consequence I did not go to your dance lesson this Thursday and I will think twice before I go back to any of your cabarets. Your rules for sitting people are not helpful at all.

  2. Dear Karen,
    My friend Denise Cooper told me you are short of men for beginners ballroom classes; I am available if you think this would be helpful. I’ve done a bit of basic stepping and can rock and roll.
    Regards, Geoff.

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